Game Jams

The Piratescape

imagen de The Piratescape

You are the pirate Jack Bonny who flees the Navy with your ship but suddenly the rudder of your boat breaks!

You will have to use your pirate skills and the Four Winds to get to the Skull Cave to hide from your enemies.


A game made for the ‘Jam Jam Talentum Online 2017’ Game Jam.


imagen de inHUMANS

A 2D brawler for two people teams (2vs2).

Each person in the team manages a part of the body: one the legs and the other the torso; being able to separate and join again if so desired.

On the map we’ll find weapons and life packages. There’re also spaces in which the merged character can’t go through because of its size. This force the players to separate if they want to cross that space.

1st Prize at Gamejam Alicante VIII (2017).

Wake Up

imagen de wake up

A normal person living in a not so normal country.

Experience Wake Up and how your day to day actions and choices can change your own world and the world of the people around you.

A minimalist narrative game about the awakening of another anonimous fighter againts authoritarianism.

The Quantum Message

imagen de quantum

Help the circles gather together in every level by moving one of them afected by gravity until it touches the static circle. But to do this, you can only rotate the whole level.

Unlock all levels and beware of the spikes!

Judge’s Prize at Brains Eden 2016 (Cambridge, UK).

Spiritual Leader Simulator 2016

imagen de spiritual leader simulator 2016

Create and take control of your sect by making money, managing the faith and getting more and more followers. You are the glorious spiritual leader and you need to complete the ritual, i.e., send your followers in a direct rocket to the sun…I mean…to salvation.

But you have to be careful with the police because they’re controlling your movements.


imagen de polywars

How long can you dodge the bullets of the enemies before you lose? It gets harder and harder!

Take control of a triangle and don’t let you hit by the shots of other geometric figures.

1st prize in the Wave Engine University Tour Alicante.

The product isn’t available anymore.