University Projects

The Loudest Sound

imagen de the loudest sound

The Loudest Sound is first-person psychological survival horror video game for PC.

This game is largely focused on the atmosphere, taking into account both the graphic and sound direction. The game mechanics are simple and similar to the most known P.T. (Playable Teaser of Silent Hills), allowing interaction with most objects and encouraging free exploration.

The video game is compatible with virtual reality, and although its download is not available, you can watch the prototype in the video trailer.

The product isn’t available anymore.

Graphic Adventure

imagen de graphic adventure

The project is a beta version of a graphic adventure compatible with Oculus Rift, using Unity as a graphics engine. Everything necessary has been designed and created: history, mesh modeling, mesh texture and scripts among others.

Regarding the graphic adventure, the player assumes the role of a soldier who awakens in a hospital. The apocalypse happened on Earth has caused an infection among humans. The soldier has to survive until reaching the cure. As in any graphic adventure, the player can choose at certain times which way to go, so that his choice will make the story be seen from different points in the city.

The product isn’t available anymore.

La Tierra

imagen de la tierra

La Tierra is an environmental awareness 3D animation short film with a low poly style, showing the current environmental issues due to human actions.

The Earth is suffering because of the pollution, the deforestation, the species extinction, the desertification and the global warming. All these problems are causing the destruction of the planet and they are all represented on the short film in a very graphic way.

Proyecto Mundo 1-1

imagen de proyecto mundo 1-1

Organic tutorials are characterized by setting out a controlled and limited environment where the player learns by trying the actions that the developers have planned. In addition, it should produce the feeling of advancing with no external help but with one’s own merit. Since there is no direct guide, the mechanics are learned by trial and error.

Therefore, this method requires a very detailed analysis of the learning curve, to improve the skills of the players as the challenge difficulty increases, preventing the user from boredom or frustration, and abandon the game. This research work arises to assist in the work of designing organic tutorials.

Artificial Intelligence for an RTS Game

imagen de ai rts game

The theme of this Final Degree Project was the creation of an Artificial Intelligence for a Real-Time Strategy game. This AI is able to play against one of its kind and adapt its behaviour according to the actions that its opponent makes.

In a match we will be mere observers of what happens, the interface will give us a lot of data about the state of the game and the decision making of the AI. You can choose between several types of profiles to assign to the AI, that will change their basic behavior.

The product isn’t available anymore.

Proyecto Aztec

imagen de proyecto aztec

Proyecto Aztec is a puzzle-adventure first-person video game developed with Unity in a low-poly style. All the content has been designed and created: history, mesh modeling, mesh texture and scripts among others.

In the game, you are an archeologist professor called Indiana Johnson. Researchers from the Teotihuacán area in Mexico have discovered new findings about the possible existence of a great treasure.

The governor of Mexico D.F. has commisioned to you the work of getting this treasure, however once you arrive to Teotihuacan, you realize that everything is not what it seems.

The product isn’t available anymore.


imagen de imaginarium

Remember when you were a kid playing with your imagination?

In Imaginarium you can live that again by changing between dimensions to get through the levels. You can switch between the real world, a medieval dimension and a futuristic dimension, and each one will let you do different actions and have a different scenery.

Let the adventure begin!

El Sótano Digital

imagen de el sotano digital

In less than two weeks we developed a video game manager as a fully functional desktop application for Windows. In this manager, you can register and identify users, saving in each of them the games that they like, as well as their favorites, wished, etc.

The application has a connection to an API that automatically reloads all the top video games on the market. Each of these games has a card which contains the main information of the game, PEGI info, date of release, images of the video game, etc. It also has a dynamic search engine.

The product isn’t available anymore.

Yinyang Runner

imagen de yinyang runner

Black and white autorunner where each color can make you live or die in different situations. Switch between these two colors whenever is needed if you want to survive. If the floor is black, you have to be black if you don’t want to fall. If there’s a black wall, you have to be white if you don’t want to hit the wall. And so on.

Let’s see how far you can go!